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Prosolution Pills have HIGH-QUALITY, all-natural herbal ingredients that have been proven to provide BIGGER, THICKER and HARDER erections.

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Every package we deliver includes a survey looking for feedback on the results achieved with ProSolution™. Below you can find SOME of the success stories:

* These testimonials were given on a voluntary basis by the Prosolution Pill customers. Individual achievements may vary.

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He’s Thicker And Harder After Just 14 Days!

After only 14 days of use I have witnessed a huge difference. It was obviously thicker and erections were also harder. Can’t wait to see what will happen in the next few months.

Craig Murphy
Australia (test code 451)

His Stamina Has Dramatically Increased!

I’ve used this solution for less than a month and I’m already experiencing a thickness to my penis. I’m always on the run, that is for sure.

Irvin Neal
USA (test code 407)

His Money Was WELL Spent!

Customer service was extremely polite and efficient in providing me assistance with numerous questions. So far I’m more than satisfied and my money was well invested.”

Brian Johnson
AL USA (test code 368)

Consistently Fuller Penis!

Strong and fuller penis before and after erection. My girlfriend remarks about the quality of my erections were something like and “oh my God, you must be 9inch”, which was definitely encouraging.

Richard Klassen
N/A (test code 438)

Results In Just 2 Weeks!

In the first few weeks I have realized how strong it gets and how quickly it grows when I’m in the middle of the action. I will definitely continue to use it.

Rondale Wilson
USA (test code 387)

He Can FEEL The Increased Testosterone!

My penis looks and feels much stronger. With your formula I can really feel the improved production of testosterone in my organism. I have so much more energy right now. My penis is reacting like never before.

Darrun Taylor
(test code 380)

He’s More Sensitive During Sex!

In less than a month of using this solution, my penis looks much meatier, and I feel so much more when having sex.

Vadim Yegudkih
(test code 376)

He’s Shocked By The Fast Improvements!

My libido has improved in a week. This was a positive shock./p>

Jimmy Goodson
(test code 362)

He Feels More Like A Man!

Can’t believe what I’m seeing in the mirror each day. I can’t recognize my penis. This is a true miracle. Now I feel like an irresistible male.

Mantim Couls
(test code 302)


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Once you get your ProSolution™ Pills please make sure to take a photo of yourself, head-to-toe, while you are holding the solution next to your erected penis in the shot. Then, make another picture, this time a close-up of the solution by your erected penis. To ensure we use photos of real customers, we need a full nude photo, but rest assured that we may only publish photos of your penis and close surrounding area.

Then, after the minimum of three months of using ProSolution™ Pills, make another head-to-toe photo while holding the solution, and one more close-up photo of the solution of your erect penis. Please mail these photos, including a hand-written testimonial, and your contact data.

If you get picked out to be on the ProSolution™ Pills website, we will provide you with a release form which you must sign and sent back to us. This form authorizes us to use your “Before and After” photos, including your testimonial, for our websites. Don’t forget that you will be awarded with a FREE 1 Year Supply of ProSolution™ Pills.

Please use the following address for these purposes:

Leading Edge Health
c/o 129 Roweland Drive, Johnson City, TN
United States of America

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